The Traditional Model


Nursing Facility

  1. Nurse: identifies med need for patient and calls physician
  2. Physician: approves order
  3. Nurse: transcribes order to each of the telephone order, MAR/TAR and POS
  4. Nurse: faxes telephone order to pharmacy


  1. Data Tech: manually types received telephone order into pharmacy system
  2. Biller: adjudicates claim and ensures payment
  3. Pharmacist 1: clinically reviews and approves order
  4. Fill Tech: fills punch card and attaches printed label
  5. Pharmacist 2: checks completed punch card
  6. Stager: places punch card in correct delivery tote
  7. Driver: picks up tote and delivers to facility on route

Nursing Facility

  1. Nurse: checks tote and meds against numerous telephone orders
  2. Nurse: “stuffs” punch card in correct med cart in correct location inside cart
  3. Nurse: administers med to patient
  4. Patient: takes med
  5. Nurse: charts administration on MAR/TAR


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