Wellfount Versus Traditional Model

Transforming Medication Delivery

At Wellfount, we have made it our mission to partner technology and superior customer service to tackle the pharmacy challenges faced by Long Term Care facilities. Today, hours of valuable nursing time are spent preparing, delivering and managing patient mediations. These administrative activities add resource costs and reduce the motivation of a center’s nursing staff.

Wellfount is transforming medication delivery with remote dispensing pharmacy services, at the point of patient care, right inside your facility. This innovative technology, combined with an on-site Wellfount Pharmacy Customer Service Representative, enables nurses, staff and administrators to meet the demands of quality, cost and timeliness—revolutionizing the way medications are delivered to long term care residents.

With access to pharmacist-approved medications 24/7, facilities are able to deliver the highest quality care while eliminating unnecessary waste experienced with traditional pharmacies.

We are focused on helping you achieve improved resident outcomes, reduced readmissions, lower medication waste, reduced overall costs and improved nurse satisfaction.Graphic

Challenges of Traditional Pharmacy Model

  • Drug waste, which leads to unnecessary costs
  • Medication doesn’t come when needed (especially with new admissions)
  • Readmission rates to hospitals – Need to track discharges to gauge the incident of readmission the first month after discharge
  • Inefficient processes that lead to nursing staff time spent reordering, receiving, storing and disposing of medications
  • Low patient and care giver satisfaction
  • Low nursing staff satisfaction

How Remote Dispense Technology Works

  • Waste reduction, adds bandwidth, reduced hospital readmissions
  • Reduced costs, happier staff, well-cared-for patients
  • Faster, more accurate medication passes, and less time spent counting narcotics and reordering and receiving medications
  • Improved formulary management focused on improving clinical outcomes with the most cost-effective drug therapy by maximizing the greatest amount of medications on-site
  • TedRx puts over 300-500 medications on-site with 24/7 access
  • On-site Wellfount Pharmacy Customer Service Representative to work side-by-side with your team